mail order bride

  • Mail Order Bride: A Bride For Christmas by Hope Sinclair

    0 out of 5

    Ever since the day Terrance and Timothy Mitchell were born, they have been fighting. Ever at odds, but their mother hopes that by settling down, their squabbles will cease. But of the two brides she has organized for them only one turns up. Although Alice was meant for Terry, there is something about Tim that captivates her. Will she be able to make her choice without tearing the family apart?

  • Meet The Beast: A BBW Shape Shifter Mail Order Bride Romance (Beastly Beauty, Book 1) by Claire Grimes

    0 out of 5

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    When a curvy, independent woman is compelled to get a Sugar Daddy to help pay for her fathers’ medical bills. She must either meet the beast or what her father die from cancer.

    Monica may have struck gold or have the worst luck ever because there is something off with this man. Why is his home staffed by unusual individuals with pail skin and white hair? Furthermore, why in the world does a man like him have to purchase a spouse?