Maggie Maloney

  • My Pace or Yours? by Maggie Maloney

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    What happens when an over-the-top, flat-out, chronically rushed career woman hires the world’s slowest carpenter to complete her late father’s half-built B&B before she loses it to the mob?

    Type-A workaholic Beth Turner sure has her hands full: An eighty-hours-a-week real estate career … “The Yesteryear,” an unfinished inn left to her by her dad … a loan-shark waiting to snatch away the extremely valuable property if Beth misses the almost impossible completion deadline … and now: Sean Campbell.

    Brilliant. Charming. A carpenter of legendary renown, Sean Campbell has no trouble convincing Beth that he’s the man for the job … except for the irritating fact that he is quite possibly the slowest-moving human on the face of the earth. Now add in some sultry summer heat, lust, and romance to mess things up and slow things down. Top it all off with a string of sabotage, courtesy of the murderous loan-shark, for which Beth blames Sean, and there goes the romance. And, barring miracles, there goes The Yesteryear.

    But Sean is full of miraculous surprises, including his desperate transformation into a warp-speed building machine. But can even miracles overcome the loan-shark’s final piece of sabotage … one designed to put Beth out of his misery permanently?

    “Hear this well, Beth Martin, “I don’t do rush jobs. Ever.”

    Sean, in a construction-related argument with Beth.

    “Hear this well, Beth Martin, “I don’t do rush jobs. Ever.”

    Sean, in bed with Beth.