M. V. Gaius

  • Steve’s Last One Night Stand by M. V. Gaius

    0 out of 5

    Steve was a total player and lived a life most men would kill for. Desired by women, envied by men, every night a new curvy conquest found her way to his very active bed.

    Spotting the gorgeous Gloria across the dance floor he knew he must have her. With her beautiful dark hair and a body that would not quit, she was just the type of woman who’s panties he always got to drop.

    Little could he know the devastating consequences he would suffer by this chance encounter with the beautiful Gloria.

    If he had, he would certainly have savored the last one night stand he would ever have.

    Warning: Adults Only. This book contains explicit sexual imagery and is intended for ADULTS ONLY!

    Contains scenes of Female Domination, Chastity Belts, CFNM, Foot Fetish Themes and strong Tease and Denial

  • Pool Sharks and other Femdom Stories by M. V. Gaius

    0 out of 5

    Pool Shark and other Femdom Stories is a very hot compilation of 10 high voltage tales showing the power that women have over men.

    Pool Shark – Tom picked the wrong woman to try to hustle, and now his dignity and his freedom are the price

    Kicking the Habit – A bet about beer ends up for some very naked consequences

    Tom’s Downfall – Dating several women at a time has some very serious consequences

    The Expensive Date – A man discovers that picking up the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen had a significant catch

    War is Hell – The battle of the sexes interrupts the boys weekend out with some

    very sexy consequences

    The Interrogation – The interrrogator becomes the interrogated

    The Prankster – When your girlfriend has magical powers, and a cruel prankster streak, it is best to keep your mouth shut.

    One Pump Chump – Enslaved to a strip club for a month ends with an impossible task

    The Exchange Student – Spending a semester overseas with three gorgeous French Sisters never seemed better

    Steve’s One Night Stand – The ultimate player gets played in the ultimate way

  • Aphrodite’s Curse – Book 2 – The Goddesses Take Control by M. V. Gaius

    0 out of 5

    Poor Demetrius, still on his quest to overturn Aphrodite’s Curse, things aren’t getting any easier for him in book 2. Still forced to be permanently naked and perpetually chaste, he is highly motivated to overcome any obstacle to finally obtain sweet relief for his aching overripe plums. Encountering Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess of Love, his troubles only increase as each interaction with a new God brings mixed results.

    Demetrius is not the only male in trouble on Olympus as the beautiful Graces, the alluring Muses and all of the other sexy and delicious Goddesses finally put their lovely feet down and exert their own divine will over their wayward men. The God’s may rule Olympus, but the Goddesses rule the GODS!

    Nymphs run wild, Demon Possessed Girls seduced, Gods are enslaved and Cyclops get frisky as they and a host of other exotic creatures and divinities are all encountered in this continuing erotic epic.

    No Nymph’s tunic will remain dry nor Satyr’s toga stay flat as they read this amazing action packed femdom teasing tale

  • Aphrodite’s Curse – Book 1 – The Quest of Demetrius by M. V. Gaius

    0 out of 5

    Poor Demetrius, all he wanted to do was save his friend from being sacrificed to the Goddess of Love, and now he finds himself in a terribly humiliating and desperate dilemma. Discovered and seduced by the painfully beautiful Aphrodite on her sacred island, his epic erotic encounter with the gorgeous Goddess came with an outstandingly rich reward but sadly a very heavy price. Transformed both into an immortal and the most desirable man on earth, the cost was his perpetual nudity and permanent chastity. Desperate for release he is sent on a journey to obtain the most sought after items in the world to end his accidental curse.

    Join Demetrius as he goes on his epic quest throughout the ancient world to cure his increasingly desperate blue balls and embarrassing permanent nudity. On his erotic Odyssey he encounters the most horrific monsters, beautiful insatiable Nymphs and gorgeous powerful Goddesses in history as he relentlessly pursues his mission forward. From the beginning as he worships the golden toes of Aphrodite, through his amazing adventures with a countless host of other gorgeous women, exotic creatures and supernatural Deities, the action never stops as his desperation builds and builds.

    No Nymph’s tunic will remain dry nor Satyr’s toga stay flat as they read this amazing femdom teasing tale.