lucid dreaming

  • Carnival of Dreams by Faris O’Neill

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    Rebecca was still suffering from debilitating insomnia eighteen months after the auto accident that took her fiancé’s life, and desperately craves the sweet oblivion of sleep. After trying a sleep hypnosis video, her life becomes quite bizarre, as this one innocent decision leads her down a road filled with amorous escapades.

    In a nocturnal landscape of sensual pleasures, erotic dreams soon become something she craves even more than sleep itself. Her waking life gets turned upside down after discovering that her sexy dream lover is real. Torn between the real world and a dream world filled with seductive adventures, her safe, quiet life slowly begins to unravel and she’s left wondering—what is reality and what is the dream?

    She continues to be drawn back to the carnival by the promise of spending time with her deceased fiancé, while being pursued in real life by the sexy Marine who has awakened something in her that she believed to be long buried.

    Will she be able to break away from the lure of her beloved—but dead—dream fiancé and give herself to a real flesh-and-blood man?