LJ Scar

  • What Happened in Between by LJ Scar

    0 out of 5

    She’s reserved, he gets around, she wants stability, he wants her.

    Laken has come to terms with the hand she was dealt in life. Surrounded by a close knit group of friends and surrogate family she rarely lets anyone get close. Then she meets Seth, the charismatic and charming lead singer of Thin Veneer, a popular band at the local bar scene.

    Together two unlikely friends learn the pitfalls of love, life and moving on. Amidst the backdrop of college, friendships will be formed, secrets will be revealed, mistakes will be made, lessons will be learned and hearts will be broken…

    It isn’t what happened to her, it’s What Happened In Between.

    5 stars “It’s not an easy journey, and the author has provided Laken with a wonderful array of friends, both male and female. All of these characters are very real to us; they are flawed, but sometimes capable of remarkable acts of kindness and love. All of them make bad choices at times, including Laken. In other words, Scar has written a true portrait of life, the life as experienced by young men and women of college age, who are struggling to come to terms with becoming adults.”

    5 stars “Wow I was completely blown away by this storyline. First of all I enjoyed that it took place over several years and you were able to see the change in the characters. Though Laken is the main character, you really can’t get to to know her without the help of others such as Mandy, Devon, Marie, Alex, Megan and Rick. Each of these characters was developed so great that as a reader you really got to see them as your friends as well. Scar does an amazing job of describing situations so well, without giving you an exact point or straight forward place. And though the ending was a certain way, she is able to give you enough that each reader can have a slightly different ending of their own. I love that feeling when you finish a book and that the story of the character doesn’t end there; just like when you say bye to a friend smiling and imagining the possibilities they might encounter next.”