Gustav Jorgenson

  • Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol.1-5 by Gustav Jorgenson

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    What happens when a wife who feels neglected in her own marriage starts to receive attention from other men? She might enjoy a bit of harmless flirtation. But what if things go a bit further than she intended? Most wives wouldn't want to risk their marriages. But sometimes her husband might give her subtle clues that he wouldn't mind. What's if he is open to the idea of sharing her as long as he gets to watch? Might even a sensible and loyal wife be daring enough to find out?

  • Party Like a Plutocrat by Gustav Jorgenson

    0 out of 5

    Party Like a Plutocrat finishes the story begun in Max’s Lingerie Parties, Ltd. This edition includes the content from that story to form a complete, novel length piece.

    Book 1: Max’s Lingerie Parties, Ltd.

    Self styled “serial-entrepreneur” Max Levine has failed at every business he undertook. When Max comes up with the idea of selling lingerie to men at tupperware style parties, he finds that he doesn’t have cash to hire models. Your wife has been best friends with Max’s wife since college and the two upper-middle-class, professional women reluctantly agree to help Max out and model lingerie for a group of strange men. However when billionaire Reginald Witherspoon shows up, the playful exhibitionism that spiced up your dull love lives quickly escalates out of control.

    Book 2: Party Like a Plutocrat

    The wives are whisked away to New York City to party with Witherspoon’s entourage and billionaire friends. They are pressed into service to fulfill the hedonistic desires of powerful men, sometimes in public. You and Max rush off to NYC in an attempt to save your marriage, but witness gut wrenching scenes of infidelity that are strangely arousing.

    The deep bonds of marriage are challenged in this graphically erotic novel about infidelity, big money, and sexy underwear.