forced submission

  • Bound Serial ~ Parts 1 & 2 by “Sasha”

    0 out of 5

    A twenty-eight year old ruggedly handsome Texas billionaire puts in a special request for the most beautiful woman a Las Vegas escort service has to offer him, promising her a sum of $150,000 in cash if and only if she agrees to one thing: Succumb to his every sexual desire without hesitation, no matter how aggressive those desires may be.

  • Taken: His BFF – Erotic Romance Collection by Rowena

    0 out of 5

    Includes three steamy friends-to-lovers erotic romance shorts:

    – Taken By Surprise

    Synopsis: Nicolette knows she shouldn’t fantasize about her boyfriend’s sexy best friend, Jacob, so she keeps her crush a secret until her boyfriend’s troubles land him in jail, and Jacob makes it clear that he wants her, and intends to have her.

    Jacob can’t stop the dirty, lusty thoughts he has of his best friend’s girl, and now that he has a chance with the young hottie, he’s going to take it—hard.

    – Taken for Granted

    Synopsis: Avery’s fiancé drains their financial resources, leaving them broke and depending on Chad, her fiancé’s hot best friend.

    They have to find a way to pay strong, muscular Chad back for letting them stay in his condo until they get back on their feet, and Chad has a couple of naughty ideas how.

    -Taken By Storm

    Synopsis: Reese can’t get brown beauty Eva off his mind. The problem is, she’s his best friend’s girl, but he can’t stop the dirty thoughts he has of taking her hard and without protection, filling her with his essence.

    He resigns to suffering the torture silently, but Eva surprises him with a friendly visit one day, and ends up stranded in his place by a surprise storm.

    Now that he finally has the delicious, nubile beauty alone, he’s going to give her far more than a piece of his dirty mind.