erotica; gothic; Victorian erotica; histotical erotica; vampire legend; sexual fantasy

  • All-Hallows’ Eve Rites by Libre Paley

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    Just in time for you to find your own Halloween thrills: All-Hallows’ Eve Rites is an erotic story with contemporary and nineteenth century settings, sensual and romantic, with a dose of spice and a twist of darkness for Halloween. This novelette is just the right size to be read in two piercing bites.
    Halloween comes to The Estate, otherworldly place of fantasy fulfilment, finding its Director Gizi in high spirits and in love. Her colleague, handsome Dr Grigori, is in less of a holiday mood. To distract him, Gizi reads from the scandalous journal kept by her ancestor Gabriela. The first-person account tells of Gabriela’s sexual initiation in nineteenth-century Transylvania, and contains details that contributed to the vampire legend.
    Gabriela, a spirited young woman, has been promised as bride to a wealthy Count whom she has never met. A subject of village gossip, the Count lives alone in a turreted Gothic edifice set in wild parklands, and is never seen beyond night and shadow.
    Gabriela’s journey to his castle in All-Hallows’ Eve darkness is the start of a greater evolution to erotic awakening, encountering along her way two of the Count’s closest confidants. These two skilled players are keen to educate her and to establish, in the most pleasurable ways possible, that Gabriela is a suitable match for their friend.
    As night passes, Gabriela is inducted into experiences of sensual and sexual pleasure beyond anything she has imagined in her sheltered life. By the arrival of dawn, Gabriela’s fate must be decided.