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  • The Queen’s Curse by Natasja Hellenthal

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    A powerful curse holds the ancient land Ceartas within its grip. No offender ever escapes the countries’ harsh law system. Even when they haven’t been caught! This is the reason for many speculations and not in the least directed towards the mysterious young queen Artride Cumhachd.

    When one morning young knight Tirsa Lathabris awakens to hear that her twelve year old brother will soon be hanged for a petty crime, she takes matters into her own hands. She decides it’s about time someone has a word with the queen about the absurd and old-fashioned law-system and to try and free her brother. Impulsive, unplanned and hot headed she is confronted with the captivating queen and soon learns the true story and well kept secret behind their country’s harsh law system. The ancient Law Book is cursed.

    As long as the curse exists no new rules can ever be added and the existing ones never amended or denied. The law simply had to be followed – had to – as well as the punishments. No trials, no pleas, no nothing other than the penalty.

    Stealing meant loosing a hand, killing meant loosing your life, banishment for betrayal, but mainly paying fees for a numerous of things to enrich the ruler of Ceartas even more.

    Many people suspect magic and therefore try to follow the law and stay away from crimes. But more people seem to have been mutilated and killed in Ceartas by the curse than by any actual wrong- doing. It’s time for change!

    After many years of failed attempts, from both the old king and the queen, to find someone powerful enough the young queen finally has renewed hope. Together; the queen and Tirsa as her bodyguard, undertake a perilous quest to find the great sorceress in the Magical Land of Dochas. She might be the only person powerful enough to be able to lift the curse. But they have to hurry as they only have three weeks to save Tirsa’s brother’s life before the penalty is to be paid.

    On their journey they have to deal with unfinished business from both their pasts and present. Whilst they grow exceedingly fond of each other; their relationship is pushed to the limits as they try to break through the sorceress’ powerful magical traps and overcome all sorts of dangers. New questions arise; it becomes clearer with every day of their search through this enchanted land, that its lies in the sorceress’ power to help them, but if so… will she be willing to and for what price?

    Even with a little help from the local Silent Folk, the search gets more and more desperate. Especially as it looks as if the sorceress, who appears to be the Dominator of Dochas and everyone in it, is in fact trying to prevent them from coming closer. Or is she just taunting and testing them and if so for what purpose?

    She is slowly wearing them down by cunningly playing with their minds, body and soul as they travel through her magical protected domain. Confused and tired they struggle to know who to trust and distrust. But their friendship remains strong; if anything they have become the best team to fight against the evil they come across; fighting demons and finding themselves in the process.

    Just when they finally meet the twisted sorceress and believe they are close to their much needed counter spell, they are in for another surprise.

    As involved as they are by now; they find themselves facing a difficult choice. To not only free their own country, Tirsa’s brother and themselves – for their romantic relationship will never be tolerated by the law book and their lives will be at stake- but also Dochas and the innocent Silent Folk. In order to free everyone someone has to be saved or be killed… That someone is just as cursed as Ceartas is; not by a real spell but by her own history and the prison she has built around her heart over the years. That person is the evil sorceress and queen of Dochas herself. She is their last and only hope and their biggest challenge…