Eleanor Banfield

  • Forever Devoted to the Alluring Duchess by Eleanor Banfield

    0 out of 5

    He would give his life to call her his, if only for a moment…

    Lady Abigail Stewart, daughter of the Duke of Cheylesmore, strives to win back her alienated mother’s approval. Constrained by duty and expectations, she must take to her grave the feverish passion she feels for her physician, the only man she ever wanted.

    Luke Bolton, is still haunted by his broken heart. Sworn to never love again, he devotes himself to tending and curing the sick. But his unmerciful fate traps him in a love he cannot escape. Lady Abigail is a wound into his soul he never wants to heal.

    Τheir forbidden attraction is forever damned in a world lacking emotion and their stolen moments soon prove perilous for Abigail’s life.

    Punished for a feud she never started, she is one step closer to her mortal doom. Luke is determined to save her, or die trying, only to realize that no one can escape death…

  • Wittingly Seduced by the Dashing Duke by Eleanor Banfield

    0 out of 5

    He is holding her in his arms, after losing her forever.

    Aching from her mother’s abandonment, Rebecca Atkinson, daughter of the Duke of Astonbridge, must be strong for the sake of her bereaved father. When a letter arrives, she has to travel north and collect the pieces of her mother’s mysterious past.

    Having lost his wife, the only thing that keeps Aaron Darry, the Duke of Forney, alive, is his daughter. But his mother’s sudden death unsettles his quiet life and forces him to confront an unexpected peril: a lady that arouses his utmost desires.

    Rebecca and Aaron fall for one another like a lightning bolt; instantly and catastrophically.

    Before long, secrets are exposed, an arranged betrothal is unveiled, and a series of attacks threaten Rebecca’s life. When Rebecca gets trapped in a burning building, Aaron is transferred instantly to the night his wife died. This attack might be the last…