Delilah Marx

  • Grimm’s Erotic Fairy Tales, Volume 2: The Brave Prince by Delilah Marx

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    When you’re a brave Prince and you grow bored with your kingdom, what else is there to do but set out for adventure? But between being pinned by a Giantess and being tormented by vicious She-Devils, he might discover that he isn’t so brave, after all!

    The three steamy fairy tales in this collection make for the perfect slice of naughty bedtime reading!

    This collection includes:

    The Brave Prince – In which a King’s son is made the play-thing of voracious she-devils.

    The Beautiful Musician – In which a cruel and buxom fiddle-player seeks a new companion.

    The Iron Stove – In which an adventurous Princess makes an erotic bargain in the forest.

    This 6900+ word collection contains:

    Princes and Princesses!

    Sex with demons!

    Beastly Wolf-Men!



    Oral sex!

    Anal sex!


    Lesbian sex!

    “Grimm’s Erotic Fairy Tales” is adapted from the original text of “Household Tales” by The Brothers Grimm, as translated by Margaret Hunt.