Debra J. Falasco

  • Man with Money by Debra J. Falasco

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    Handsome. Domineering. Passionate…
    Tyler Murphy is a billionaire, a man with money. This ruthless businessman has everything money can buy except the woman of his dreams. And then she walked into his hotel.
    Sweet. Sexy. Lonely…
    Vivien Lee is Tyler’s ideal woman. And she’s a romance writer. She knows all the tricks, but she’s unable to resist Tyler’s charming disposition and alpha behavior. When they meet, the chemistry is instant. For two people who never thought they’d fall in love so quickly, Tyler and Vivien find themselves unable to walk away from each other. Vivien’s lack of confidence plays havoc on their budding relationship, but Tyler’s not letting her go. When tragedy strikes, they have only each other to lean on.Will Tyler earn Vivien’s love, or is a man with money destined to be alone?