cross dressing

  • Outback Jules – A Transgender Romance Novel by Yumi Cox

    0 out of 5

    Jules Maine is on gap year traveling the Outback of Australia and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her. Since she was a youngster in The Netherlands, this Aussie adventure had always been her dream.
    Jules is tall, leggy and a champion gymnast, all of which makes her popular with the Aussie blokes she meets. She also enjoys dressing up to get a little attention and rarely has to pay for her drinks.
    But when Jules starts working at the Hall Farm in St George, her world is turned upside down when she attracts the attention of the one guy she just can’t afford to get romantic with.
    How can Jules avoid her kryptonite in a small country town with just two pubs and a caravan park?

  • The Room Mate – A Transgender Romance Novel by Yumi Cox

    0 out of 5

    What would you do if you suddenly found yourself sharing a dorm room with a beautiful and sexy roommate? Would you alert student housing to their obvious mistake?

    Jay Walker is a shy midwestern boy who has never kissed a girl. Let alone even contemplating something more. Heck, the only girl he even talks to that is younger than his mother, is his marketing lecturer, Professor Bunton. He studies IT at Southwestern University in Texas while running a high-end website development business on the side.

    When Jay gets a letter from student housing advising him of a new roommate, he can’t believe his luck. Skye Lopez is Jay’s dream girl and much, much more. A Music and Theatre major, Skye is a beautiful and sexy Latino DJ with a star that is definitely on the rise. Jay cannot believe his luck.

    But as Jay struggles with the excitement of having a hot new roommate, Skye leads him on a journey of self-discovery. Unsatisfied with just building a friendship, Jay seeks wise counsel to help him move from the friendship zone into the erogenous zone.

    If you like coming of age stories with a transgender romance twist, then you’ll love ‘The Room Mate’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

    Will shy super-nerd Jay successfully move beyond the friendship zone, or will all his effort leave him on the outer?

  • Danni by Terri Peterson

    0 out of 5

    Danny Beaumont is a pale, skinny eighteen-year-old, on the cusp of adulthood, unsure of his sexuality. His girlfriend Chloe suspects he may be gay, and enlists the help of her cousin, Tom, to uncover the truth.Tom is a tall, dark and handsome gay man who, at a party, solves the mystery for Dan, once and for all, opening up a whole new world for him.
    The trouble is that Tom is not what he seems, and Danny soon has far more than he bargained for. He learns about daddies and sons, domination and submission, and the pleasures, and perils, of cross-dressing.
    He becomes a Daddy’s girl.
    He becomes Danni.

  • Damian’s Wild Week by J.B. Black

    0 out of 5

    Celebrating the end of his relationship, Damian hits his best friend, Patrick’s, bar and club to rebound. From oral in the bathroom to a threesome with hot foreign tourists, he’s in for a wild ride that just might take him to the love of his life.

  • Black Manhattan by J.B. Black

    0 out of 5

    Angel, a cocky, dominant cross-dressing man, meets Micah, the sassy, submissive muscled pretty boy of his dreams, but there’s something a bit chilly between them despite the hot sex. Can Angel seduce Micah – pulling down his walls through hot sex and gentle wooing? Or is he doomed to watch the man he fell into lust/love with at first sight go to his androgynous rival?

  • Sex Shop Education , A Sexspose by Miss Dee by Miss Dee

    0 out of 5

    Have you ever been inside the “dirty Book store”? What really happens behind the blacked out windows and neon lights of the adult book store? Have you ever wanted to know who buys those 50SOG toys?

    Written from my point of view as an associate at a VERY busy Boston sex shop. From dominatrix’s to cross dressers and everything in between, Everything you ever wanted to know about the sex shop is all here!