christian erotica

  • Man on Fire by Aedan Sayla

    0 out of 5

    – Man on Fire is the story of a righteous man suddenly put in a predicament of wanting something he knows is not good for him. Arwana Collins is beautiful, wild, and worst of all confident. When she looks at him he knows exactly what she’s thinking. Life for her has been a series of lovers one after the next and he’s her target of the moment. The problem for her is he isn’t a man who wants to be used. He wants her, but he wants her to be his, forever. It’s a commitment she’s never made to a man, but then he’s like no other man she’s ever met. He’s a complete stud, but the outward side of him is no match for who he is inside. Unlike most he’s not ruled by what’s in his pants. He resists her where none have before and it leads her to see that maybe just something is wrong with her. How could it not be, when the heaven of his arms beckons like a promise of untold passion. He wants her body, but he cares for her soul. What kind of man was like that anymore?

  • The Longest Drive by Frank Carlyle

    0 out of 5

    He watched me. He wanted me. He stalked me.

    I asked him to leave me alone, but does a tiger leave its prey?

    In the end though it was my choice to go with him.

    Apocalyptic Fiction with an Erotic Edge that tells of a Time that could be Now and yet offers Hope of a Future through Faith and the Love found in the midst of Chaos. The Longest Drive – an Erotic End Times Thriller