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  • The River Rising by MK Mancuso

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    After finishing college, River begins working as a newsroom assistant to a local TV broadcast station. Her dream is to be a news reporter, but with her covert side work as a cam model, she knows her secret puts those dreams in constant peril. After a few dates with her dangerously alluring and charming boss, Jace Bolton, her life only gets more complicated when she not only finds out he has been staking her for months, but that he also knows her secret. Blackmailed by Jace, River must agree to date him in order to keep her future goals on track. This story is full of lust, lies, and betrayal. Caught in between the beginnings of Stockholm syndrome and a triangle love, River’s personal goals and mental sanity will be tested. So, will she be able to sort out her head and her heart before it’s all too late?