Author Interview: T. Satterfield

About the author:
By day, Colorado-based T. Satterfield is best known as a licensed psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist, and energy practitioner for trauma resolution. But behind the scenes she’s a storytelling artist, writer, and cat herder who knows that all stories are really love stories, and she’s not too shy to say so.

Known for writing first thing in the morning from bed, T. Satterfield strives to write courageous love stories that make people scratch their heads and rethink what they thought they knew about love. Her characters are fierce, determined, and of course, sometimes afraid—terrified, even.

What inspires you to write romantic fiction?
I really write love stories and I believe all stories are really love stories.

For centuries, love has been possibly our most misunderstood experience. Some of our greatest human suffering arises from this pervasive misconception and the manipulation of love’s profound power. Yet love is the experience we credit with the greatest meaning. We devote our life to its pursuit.

So, I like to explore the truth of love in my stories. I like to expose where love is misrepresented or even distorted.

What if love is more about imagination and sub-atomic particles? Would you travel backward through all your memories, perceptions, and beliefs to change your brain and acquire love and the sense of purpose it provides?

Tell us about how you write.
I write and write and write. Then I edit and edit and edit. My process involves a lot of reducing down to what I hope is a rich and direct message. I want my writing to be interesting, sometimes beautiful, and on occasion something that will knock your socks off.

Do you listen to or talk to to your characters?
Absolutely!!! They tell me the story and I always fall in love with them, no matter their motive.

What advice would you give other romance writers?
Write from the heart and edit with your ears.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
After a tremendous amount of research, I decided to self-publish. I think fiction is trending towards that or a hybrid of that.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
I think it will always exist as humans are storytellers and we love to hear a good story or the opportunity to tell one.

Which romance sub-genere(s) fit your stories best?

My books are available in the following formats:
eBook, Print

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