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Gem Edward has a fetish for the written word. She enjoys writing contemporary erotic-romance that is ‘tastefully smutty’, and very much entertaining.

About the Author
Gem Edward has a fetish for the written word. She enjoys writing contemporary erotic-romance that is ‘tastefully smutty’, and very much entertaining.

What inspires you to write romance books?
I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My grandmother would read Historical Romance novels, and as a kid, I would see the ‘sexy’ covers, and make up my own love stories, and firmly believed in the ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ concept.
After meeting my best friend (and now husband), my affinity for romance was rekindled; and as I matured, the spicier side of romance caught my attention and my imagination.

Tell us about how you write:
I have a million things in my mind at any given time, so it helps for me to take notes. I try to spend a few hours a week, outlining ideas, or writing blurbs for myself, before I start to create new material. Though there are times where I just start tapping away at my keyboard, with no planning or outline, and it just works.

Scrivener is my tool of choice for outlining, but I am also find of the old-school pen to paper method.

When I write, I need to have clear mind, so I try to ensure that all my household, mommy and wife chores are taken care of beforehand. Also, I have no idea why, but my best writing and is performed at night, after everyone is asleep. And true to stereotypical protocol, I must have coffee by my side.

Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?
I proudly, and shamelessly speak my dialogue out loud sometimes. Of course, only when I am alone. I guess this could constitute as ‘listening’ to my characters.

What advice would you give other writers?
Simply put, write what you feel. Never allow trends to dictate the work that you create. I’ve personally tried to follow trends, but it never feels appropriate for me.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
My husband. He encouraged me to share my content, and has been beyond supportive throughout this process. I would never have had the courage to share my work with anybody, let alone publish, with out him.

For anybody who wants to publish, I would recommend finding a few like-minded people to support your craft. If you’re a bit shy (like myself), I would strongly recommend finding an online community where you can be inspired and find encouragement.

It is not easy to put yourself out there for review, but it can also be the most rewarding thing you ever do.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
I believe that while there is still value in traditional publishing, the ability to self-publish has brought a new light to underrated or overlooked talent. In my humble opinion, I think more avenues to self-publish will be available – and perhaps redefine the Independent Author market.

What genres do you write?
Erotica, Erotic-Romance, Contemporary

What formats are your books in?

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