Vivianna Waters

  • Stealing The French Billionaire’s Heart by Vivianna Waters

    0 out of 5

    Ten years ago, Angelique woke up alone inside of an alley in New York City with no memory of her past. Today, she thrives in a life of crime as one of the most skilled hired thieves in the world. At the end of a mission in Paris, Angelique steals a Rolex watch from a gorgeous businessman. Unfortunately, Angelique steals from the wrong man.

    At only thirty years old, Maxime runs a multi-billion dollar empire and plans every moment to the minute. Although his dominant personality keeps him focused on business, it fails to fully keep away his memories from the past. When a gorgeous blonde bombshell catapults into his life, Maxime tracks her down and insists she comply with his demands or face the French police. He never expected the little minx to jump from the balcony completely naked.

  • Biting Dominance by Vivianna Waters

    0 out of 5

    Valentina heard the whispers about the darker side of the erotic club scene. She knew that women were disappearing and as an investigative reporter she intended to find out why. Little did Valentina know that her meddling would draw the attention of the vampire in charge of New York City’s oldest organized crime group. Curiosity might just prove deadly unless Valentina manages to summon all of her wits for the most daunting undercover story of her career. Rowan is watching Valentina from the shadows and it just so happens that he likes what he sees.