Vivian Wood

  • Shifter’s Ascent Book One by Vivian Wood

    0 out of 5

    What happens when you let lust rule you?

    Wrong place, wrong time, wrong guy… one little mistake, and quiet Tessa Andersen is wrapped up in a pulse-pounding plot to trap sexy Shifter Jace Copeland.

    With her life on the line, Tessa comes up with a plan: she’ll seduce Jace and extract the information that her blackmailers demand. Simple, clean, and no-strings-attached… right?

    Shots are fired, villains come out of the woodwork, and soon Tessa is running for her life. Jace is the only thing between her and a very painful death. A bond begins to form between them, a forbidden and foolish desire that they must resist.

    The first of four books featuring Tessa and Jace, Book One introduces the Louisiana Shifters. With vibrant, sultry New Orleans as the backdrop, this book will pull you in and never let you go…

    Mature themes, explicit language, and super steamy scenes. 18+!

  • Werewolf’s Harem Bundle by Vivian Wood

    0 out of 5

    Three smoking-hot alpha male werewolves, driven to pursue the females that drive them wild.

    Lucas needs a mate. Ben needs Aurelia. Walker can’t resist Ella. Pulsing with action, in and out of the sheets, plus a little sweetness on the romantic side.

    Three full-length short stories, over 140 pages of steamy, heart-pounding werewolf action and romantic twists and turns.

    18+ for risky behavior, filthy language, and naughty deeds between the sheets!