Victoria Louise Sadler

  • Unconventional Desires: A diary of discovery… Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism by Victoria Louise Sadler

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    Victoria is a twenty something biology graduate who is currently living at home with her parents and just embarking on her new career. Victoria aspired to be “normal,” even run of the mill as a teenager, although this was not to be so as she found herself attracted to and excited by fictional scenes of domination and erotic torture. Her thoughts and feelings disturbed her greatly and were pushed to the back of her mind for many years. Then the internet stirred her repressed thoughts; reawakening her desires. What she discovers allows her to understand her desires and lessen the fears she had felt in the past, ultimately it freed her to explore her needs. Now she has a lover… Not an ordinary lover, but one who understands and satisfies her desires. In this, her diary she reveals to the world how she found him, what they do together and what he does to meet her very unconventional desires.