Van Krishna

  • The Last Strand by Van Krishna

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    Liz was not like her best friend Stacy. She preferred long walks at night to late night parties, holding hands to holding something else, and a kiss goodnight to bumpin’ uglies. Then how did she end up naked from her waist down with a guy she barely knew in the middle of a parking lot? How did she end up falling for someone who might be responsible for her parent’s death?


    When her dog died and her boyfriend turned gay, Liz Collins forced herself to look on the bright side of things and stoically endure misfortune. Liz knew the sun would shine for her, for her mother always told her so. But when her parent’s died in a tragic car accident, a part of her died with them. The naive part that believed in tomorrow’s sunshine rather than the night’s darkness, the darkness of sin and death. But even when she was falling part, she couldn’t fall apart. She just couldn’t. For the sake of her family and for Stacy—Liz’s morbid, redhead, best friend. Even if Stacy would never admit to anyone—least of all Liz—she was all Stacy had and Liz made a promise to attend college with her. For a girl holding on to the last strand of her sanity and self-esteem, it was a promise that offered her an escape from the never ending nightmare that was her life but nothing more. Until, she meets Nick Jones.

    Flying was his passion and the only thing stopping Nick from being a fighter pilot was a college degree. Should be a piece of cake compared to his last surveillance mission in Afghanistan or his last rescue mission in Brazil. Or so he thought, until he discovered his girlfriend Liz’s knack of stumbling into trouble. The girl’s got a bounty on her head, literally.

    Charming, annoying and ruggedly gorgeous, Nick Jones was full of surprises and falling for him was not part of Liz’s plan, if she ever had one. After all, Liz was still holding on to the last strand of life and taking a leap of faith at that point was a bit like sky diving without a parachute. But she couldn’t resist Nick. She couldn’t seem to help herself. Brave, no. Foolish, maybe. Because a man who says he is an FBI agent just dropped the biggest bombshell about her new, mysterious boyfriend and his whereabouts on the day of her parent’s death. Tore between love and despair, Liz is put to the ultimate test of creating her own destiny from the clutches of fate, inflicted upon her.