urban erotic romance

  • Caramel Addiction by Shaun J. Phree

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    Persia fell in love with Jade when she already had two lovers. She decided to make Jade her primary lover and they moved in together. After years of arguments and love making, Jade is finally on the edge of the cliff and ready to leave Persia if she can’t drop her other two lovers. Jade is set on monogamy but Persia was very honest about her poly lifestyle. Now, with Jade on the verge of leaving, Persia needs to figure out if she wants to continue being poly or start living life with Jade monogamously. What will Lexi, Ashli, and Jayden think about her decision? Jade has more secrets than most can handle. Persia is determined to be the one to show Jade love can be unconditional but can Persia handle all of Jade’s secrets?