Trudy Judd

  • The Act of Splashing (Deena and the Professor Part 8) by Trudy Judd

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    PART EIGHT: The Act of Splashing How many loads can Deena swallow in a night? She really wants to know.

    It’s almost the end of classes, and Deena knows she has to act fast to convince her Psychology professor, Alex Sturm, that she’s the girl for him. He’s been marking off each item on her list of SEXUAL FANTASIES, teaching her how to SUBMIT, and showing her what it might be like to serve him as his girl. But he keeps insisting that he’s only introducing her to her own sexuality. Once her list is done, she fears he’ll walk away.

    The last two items on her list are the hottest, and Professor Sturm has promised Deena they’ll both take place over the course of a weekend, when he’ll invite several of his friends over to his luxurious house.