Torey Irving

  • The Design of Their Hearts by Torey Irving

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    Love knows no social status. It only knows what it is and only cares about if it’s returned. This is especially true for the two kids, Deron Jamison and Janiya Brakens. Two kids that grew up on different spectrums of the America’s all so important social status. The shy, introverted Deron found himself dealing with family issues that plagued not only his family, but mostly everyone in a dangerous part of Dallas, TX. After experiencing drugs, alcohol and poverty, Deron had no reasons to want to live until he met Janiya. Would his background get in the way of what he truly wanted? Deron moved away after witnessing a horrible tragedy with his parents, but finding Janiya was still priority number one. He ran into his share of lies, deceit and surprises along the way. The insecure Janiya Brakens went through her trials and tribulations as well.