Tessa Kealey

  • Fearful Cravings by Tessa Kealey

    0 out of 5

    When she meets her new neighbor, the sparks are instant between them. Chloe Daniels has always been sexually aggressive and wasn’t afraid to go after a man she finds attractive. With this stranger, she could find herself the prey. And things become more complicated when he turns out to be Reece Walker, co-owner of Walker and Son, a company specializing in fine-tailored men’s suits, and the biggest potential account of her career.

    Now, Chloe has to work closely with Reece to win over his father, who isn’t aboard with the new direction his son wants to take the company, while also keeping Reece out of her bed. But Reece isn’t used to refusals. He is a dominant man who wants to have the upper hand always, and is determined to change Chloe’s sexual world.

    Reece sets out to prove that Chloe is sexually submissive while Chloe fights to prove to Reece she is not. How can she prove it to herself, though, when she has niggling little doubts every time he gives her that crooked, knowing smile…