Teddi Lee

  • The Neighbor is Watching: A Voyeur Is Caught With Lust by Teddi Lee

    0 out of 5

    Following a summer of exhibitionist activities, Chelsea, a maturing twenty year old woman home on summer vacation, finds being watched sexually is nearly as pleasurable as sex itself.

    This short erotic story climaxes with a mutual peeping vignette that leaves nothing to chance.

    Read along with Chelsea’s voyeuristic tendencies as she finally sees her next door neighbor and teenage crush one summer evening with mutual delight.

  • Camerica: Diaries Of My Time Online by Teddi Lee

    0 out of 5

    Read the chronicled diary entries of 20-year-old Ashley Foley, as she navigates her way through a summer filled with webcamming adventures.

    Readers will follow along as she creates her social media presence, discovers her sexual prowess and romances her boyfriend, Erik. They will also soon discover that she equally finds herself playing online with her best friend in the world, Karyn.

    At-times comical, this story is written under the narrative of a frisky, foul-mouthed, geeky nerd who just wants to have a little fun while being home for the summer.

    — Learn how to perfume a pair of panties properly. — Read up on the ins and outs of anal sex. — Discuss the struggles that go with becoming a webcam model.

    As Ashley learns the trade, so will readers of her diary.

  • Cougar Finds A Cub by Teddi Lee

    0 out of 5

    Vanessa, a 57 year old hairdresser finds love with a much younger man, Marc in her beach-side beauty shop. After several haircuts and flirtations, their chemistry heats up in to summer passion.

    This short read is perfect for an erotic story lover on the go.

  • ‘I Don’t Need A Sugar Daddy’: The Story Of A Young Nursing Student Finding Love In The Most Unexpected Place by Teddi Lee

    0 out of 5

    Sara, an LVN at an assisted living home is asked to work with one patient in particular. The patient, Bob is an aging man who just suffered a major skiing accident. He is at the whim and assistance of the young coed who, during his seven weeks in the facility will become more than just a nurse.

    Read their bonding journey toward love and sexual escapades that bring them together.

  • Twinking With Jenny: When A Sexually Adventuresome Girlfriend Results In Therapy And Candid Personal Awareness by Teddi Lee

    0 out of 5

    A thinly framed and young man named Don, becomes sexually intoxicated by his girlfriend Jenny. The two become inseparable and their sexual fetishes get put on display while seeking help from a therapist. Join the two, as Jenny dominates Don with a special fantasy of her own — a threesome — her, a professional colleague who is a lot older than the two, and her boyish looking lover.