Suzi Love

  • Four Times A Virgin by Suzi Love

    0 out of 5

    A Regency Noir, a darker historical romance set in London.

    When confronted by the self-assured Countess of Dorchester, the Duke of Stirkton is stunned to discover that this breathtakingly beautiful widow is the naïve girl he met years before at a country inn and has searched for ever since.

    The countess will do anything to prevent her younger sisters being forced into marriages as sordid as hers was, even if it means joining forces with the tormented duke and revealing the horrors of their intertwined pasts.

    Though Max is desperate to make amends to Carina for his late grandfather’s wrongs, they realize that a fresh torrent of evil might be unleashed.

    Can they expose their enemies, yet keep their loved ones safe? Because only then will they feel free to be together.