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  • The Poetic Art of Seduction – The Erotic Poetry Collection by Clarissa O. Clemens

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    A collection of ALL 3 volumes of Clarissa O. Clemens’ erotic poetry book series, The Poetic Art of Seduction, under 1 cover!

    An erotic gift of lyrical rhyme to keep on every bedroom nightstand for play. Kinky yet classy erotic poetry painting sexy pictures and scenes with seductive words to read to each other and get the mood soaked in seduction.

    What critics have said about Clarissa’s poetry:

    “…A delicious dance with words…”

    “Impossible not to be aroused…”

    “…mouth-watering feast of erotic rhyme…”

    “…her words ebb and flow with a superb sensuousness.”

    “5 Stars is just not enough for this exquisite work of erotic art”

    78 Passionate poems of seduction are waiting for you to be devoured with lust and desire.

    41Beautifully sensuous photographs have been included to heighten your visual experience with Ms. Clemens poetry.

    A must-have for every couple looking for new ways to add the spark back into their flame.