Silvi Stamen

  • Balchik Secret by Silvi Stamen

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    Silviya is a beautiful university student. She is frivolous, adventurous and hungry for new experiences. Her distant relationship seems a boring one, so she decides to take a trip to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

    Mr.Big is a rich, hunky construction boss with business affairs all over the country and Europe. He is a womaniser, but does not realise that he will beg for a woman like her…

    Once things start to happen, they both visit beautiful places, leading them into a web of secrets, passions, romance and hidden pleasures….

    Balchik Secret is astounding, a story that evokes such powerful emotions, and the author has taken us back and forth in the timeline like somewhere in 1922 and sometimes in the present era.

    This passionate debut novel by the author Silvi Stamen tells us a story of three strong female characters’ attempts to protect the love of their lives; a realistic novel about ordinary people that will stay with the reader for a long time.
    If you love romance fiction, you will definitely love this one!