• Letter from Mr. Smith by Alex Palange

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    “Letter from Mr. Smith ” is a steamy book filled with romance but it is not a traditional love story. The book is about passion, temptation, and one woman’s sexual awakening. She was a dreamer with a boring everyday routine and no luck in her relationships, until the day she accidentally receives a “dirty” letter from Mr. Smith. After she replies to this letter and agrees to attend a mysterious party at his residence, her unearthly adventure begins. It is a journey filled with firsts. She is led by the gentle and loving touch of another woman into the tantalizing world of BDSM where the mysterious Mr. Smith waits to give her unbelievable pleasure.”

  • Play With Me: Sex Toys from A to Z by Laura Roberts

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    Scared to set foot inside a dirty sex shop? Don’t want anything incriminating popping up in your browser history?

    No worries! Now you can learn all about sex toys — from the mild to the wild — with this educational ebook for adults. It’ll change your mind about sex toys once and for all!

    Learn all about fun toys, from anal beads to the Stronic Zwei, with all the info you’ve ever wanted to know — but were afraid to ask about. Grab this book to spice up your love life today.

  • Jade Wallace by Soma Stanford

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    Jade, a twenty-five year old woman living in Montreal, is frustrated with her mediocre job and heterosexual love life. She needs a change. Enter Rachel, a dynamic power lesbian who introduces Jade to the world of drugs, luxury and gay sex. When their relationship ends in chaos, Jade flees Montreal to live in San Francisco. In her emotional state, Jade’s road trip across the USA includes a series of intimate encounters and spiritual awakenings. As Jade builds a life in her new city, she falls in love with a 'type-A' plastic surgeon, Dr. Mae Wong. This lesbian erotica novel is a story of wild exploration, heart-breaking loss and steamy sex. A story of soul searching across Montreal, Mexico, California and Hawaii. This is the story of Jade Wallace.

  • Fuck on the First Date: How to Plan Winning Dates That Lead to Sex Every Time by Benny Bastard

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    Stop wasting your precious time and hard-earned money on dates that go nowhere!

    Are you ready to start having sex with more girls than ever before, faster than ever before?

    After reading Fuck on the First Date you will be an expert in transforming pointless platonic chats into fast-paced sexual adventures.

    In this book, you will learn:

    How to fast track the entire process of courtship into a single date

    Where to take a girl on a date so that you have maximum physical contact

    How to make your date flow seamlessly, so that you “magically” end up in bed

    One simple trick that can bring awkward dates back from the dead

    How to work around a girl`s “last minute resistance” by finding her trigger points

    …and much more.

    Whether you`ve had a frustrating history of failed dates or you`re just a guy who wants to get laid even more than he already does, Fuck on the First Date will help you consistently get laid quickly and easily.

  • How To Give A Blow Job by Isabelle Livingstone

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    Love is a battlefield. Get your ammunition here.

    “…If you are just starting out, this guide can give you all the details you need to give good head (mind-blowing head)! If you already think you know most of it, this last section on how to deep throat might surprise you!”

    –Liliane Bird Erotica Review

    “What most women find a taboo topic and unworthy to discuss out in the open, Livingstone tackles with panache and style…If you think there is nothing to talk about when it comes to giving head, you couldn’t be more wrong. Knowledge is power and in this case, you end up having both!”

    – Hanna Banks, Writer and Reviewer

    Giving Good Head- Do you have the Guts to Gear up!?

    Then you’ve hit the jackpot.

    Oral sex. Love it, hate it, or confused by it. Either way you

    have to admit, mastering it may just give you domain over the world…or your world anyway!

    Whether you are a novice or a BJ Queen: How to Give a Blow Job will answer all the questions

    you’ve ever had or give the inspiration you need to ignite the flame again!

    How to Give a Blow Job covers the following aspects of oral sex:

    The “12 Most Common Questions About BJs”

    Eye-opening true psychological reasons why men love blow jobs

    The nuts and bolts of fellatio and men’s anatomy

    The location of the ever-elusive male “G spot”!

    Specific techniques and positions from beginner to nobility status- that you will not find elsewhere

    Fun and amazing oral sex positions

    Performance anxiety: yours and his – and how to help.

    AND added bonus that will reveal all the sensational secrets of the pros on how to deep throat.

    Once you master these techniques- there will be no desire you can not fulfill!

    There will be no questions of how to please your man in bed.

    Its the ultimate answers to any of your ‘how to have oral sex’ questions.

    And, it is far above anything you’ve ever been taught on how to deep throat.

    Its basically the bible and stuff.

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  • Fucking Right! Oral Fixation by Layla Leone

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    You love your lady and you’d do anything to please her, but the thought of going down on her fills you with absolute terror. That’s ok – plenty of guys feel the same way, so you’re certainly not alone. But in the pages of this unique guide to oral sex, you will find everything you need to scramble over the embarrassment hurdle and hone your technique.

    You’ll find out what makes her squirm with pleasure, what will turn her on so much that she’ll barely be able to resist you and what tips, tricks and techniques you can use to tip her over the edge every single time.

    You’ll be able to try some exotic positions and adventurous techniques that you may never have even heard of – not to mention that you’ll leave your woman begging for more. As the starter course for an evening of intense pleasure, what could be better than training your tongue to give her the most intense orgasms she’s ever felt?

  • Sexuality Psychology – Basic Studies Of Human Sexuality by Jeff Carter

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    Today, many people especially the adults are having a difficult time establishing the true meaning of human sexuality to the younger generations. More often than not, parents and guardians find it challenging to prepare children for adulthood specifically in terms of human sexuality education. As mature as one may be, human sexuality has been a complex issue as it involves various aspects and interpretations.

    The general culture in the past has been infused with respect for essential values in order to protect as well as maintain the family regardless if sexual education was provided. For the significant part of society in both developed and developing countries, traditional models of sexual education had declined through the years. Most of the younger generations have been deprived of sufficient knowledge and consistent guidance on human sexuality and left unprepared for adult life.

    These days, various contexts of human sexuality have emerged from the society and the mass media, providing misinterpreted and depersonalized information. Most of the information is insufficient with regard to the different stages of formation and progress of children and young people. In addition, the information on human sexuality today is predisposed with a misleading concept of freedom in a world that lacks fundamental values of human love, family, and life.