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  • Tell Me What To Do: A Three Story Discipline Bundle by Wynter St. Vincent

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    This sexy bundle contains 3 sizzling short stories about women being disciplined.

    Working It Off: Hot blooded Jenna is super bummed out about having to beg for her old job back – that is until she discovers the sexy surprise her former boss has in store for her. Gorgeous alpha male Philip Turner plans to teach her some good old fashioned discipline in a steamy office encounter Jenna won’t soon forget!

    Disciplinary Reaction: Grace has tried nearly every trick in the book to seduce her handsome professor, but she isn’t willing to give up yet. What else is there for a brat to do but goad him into giving her a spanking? With the help of a sexy uniform and a little misbehaving, Grace sets out to give it the old college try! Will Professor Cavendish rebuff her advances, or will she get the discipline she craves?

    The Uniform: Rachel’s lack of focus has affected her both professionally as well as personally, creating distance in her marriage. But when she buys a French maid’s uniform on a whim, it awakens a desire to serve deep within her that she never knew was there….

    Will Rachel and her husband enjoy a simple night of passion, or will Hank turn out to be the strict disciplinarian she needs him to be?