Sarah Becks

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  • A Naive Heart by Sarah Becks

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    When Sarah meets and falls in love with John, a gentle school teacher, she couldn’t be happier. But only weeks before their wedding, she learns he is a man with a secret. Undaunted, she still goes ahead with their big day. But there is yet worse to come for Sarah, as soon into their marriage the real Johns begins to evolve and she starts to grasp the true nature of the man she married. He is clearly not the person she thought she knew and trusted.

    Loving him and desperately wanting to believe in him, Sarah becomes determined to support her man and their fragile relationship. His surreptitious behaviour however hides an even bigger secret. And as Johns control weakens, his desires consume him, forcing him to lead a double life and fall further into the deepest of obsessions. The deception, devastation and hurt all come to the fore on their wedding anniversary when Sarah comes home early from work to surprise John. Heartbroken, she wonders if she or indeed their marriage can survive the journey her husband has embarked them upon.