S.K. Lee

  • The Kiss of the Don – Bad Boy Billionaire by S.K. Lee

    0 out of 5

    Enzo Fancelli is bad.

    He is NOT the type of guy girls dream about at night. He’s young, handsome and rich. Women, drugs and fast cars are part of his world. On the surface, he has everything. But none of that can fill the emptiness he feels since he had to give up the love of his life to protect her from his secrets. In fact, Enzo knows everything about sacrifice – that’s part of the family’s business. Ten years after an accident that nearly cost his life, he’s a successful trader and he’s on top of the world. But this is about to end.

    Victoria De Lissieu knows how to bring clients to her company, a prestigious investment bank on Wall Street and that’s why her office has her name on the door. When she’s back from a disappointing week end with her boyfriend, the new trader she’d recruited doesn’t show up. Instead, he’s been replaced by a cocky, confident and sexy man – the exact same man who broke her heart years ago. And unexpected feelings she thought she’d buried deep down inside come back to the surface.