• Looks Like Trouble to Me by Calinda B

    0 out of 5

    Jace Savage, yacht builder, skilled photographer and all around bad boy, is in trouble. Loads of it. From his messed up twin sister to the party lifestyle he left behind. But all he wants to do is get laid. When he meets Zoe Dubois, he’s sure he can put his troubles behind him, put his wicked past to rest, and get his crazy needs met, in abundance. Not so.

    Zoe Dubois is looking for love. When she meets Jace, sitting next to her former mistake of a fling Billy O’ Reilly, she’s certain he’s going to be nothing but heartache and sorrow – as well as an extremely good time. At war with her desire for him, she resists his advances, only to give in to his seduction. But trouble keeps getting in the way.

    Someone’s going to have to change. Either Zoe will have to learn to trust, or Jace will. Until then, nothing seems to go right for this tempestuous couple, trying to claw their way to the deep love that exists between them – the love that will set them free, forever.