Roberta Nicholls

  • A Billion Reasons by Roberta Nicholls

    0 out of 5

    A Billion Reasons to stay, but you only need one to go … Three months into a new job, Emily Greene has a chance encounter with a charming, older man in a London taxi. Alarmingly handsome, the perfect billionaire businessman, Martin Lyle is infatuating and a dream come true. At first unable to believe in his affections for her, Emily eventually casts aside her doubts and allows herself to be swept into a whirlwind romance that catapults her into a life of luxury. As she becomes accustomed to eating out at the best restaurants, splurging on expensive clothes and spending more money than she’s ever had in her life, things start to unravel. Martin Lyle is all that he seems, and more. But is he hiding something? When Emily discovers a woman from his past, she begins to wonder if the man of her dreams is really as perfect as he seems. As dark secrets and hidden dangers reveal themselves, Emily isn’t sure whom to trust. When women in Martin’s company begin to mysteriously disappear, she grows concerned for his safety and in doing so, unearths an unimaginable truth. Will her love for Martin get her through or will one London taxi ride be her biggest ever regret?