Rachel Brewer

  • His Only Desire – Billionaire Romance Part 3 by Rachel Brewer

    0 out of 5

    Erica is a gorgeous twenty something with a unique job. She gets to be the physical and emotional partner of an extremely wealthy and handsome older bachelor by the name of Beau Thomas. Since the start of their relationship, Erica has felt like some things have been kept from her, and probably on purpose. When she gets a visit from M.K., a mysterious person who seems to know about Beau’s past, no one in Beau’s mansion knows the man that Erica described.

  • His Every Desire – Billionaire Romance Part 2 by Rachel Brewer

    0 out of 5

    Erica is slowly falling for Beau, but he’s not ready to be intimate with her just yet. He’ll do anything he can to please her, and with their signed contract, Beau finds new ways to keep Erica sated. Erica doesn’t mind the new attention. She doesn’t mind her new car or having dinner on his yacht, but what she really wants is to get to know Beau. Part two of this erotic trilogy will have you loving taboo and questioning conventional love stories. Don’t put this book down, unless it’s to stop and give yourself a hand.