R.G. Beckwith

  • Earth Dark: The Darkness Cometh by R.G. Beckwith

    0 out of 5

    For months an enormous alien spacecraft has crawled towards Earth ignoring all attempts at contact while transmitting a signal and playing it over and over.

    Dr. Megan Williams has been summoned for the most important work in her life, All attempts at deciphering it have failed. Ms. Williams is one of the US Governments last hopes in cracking the code. She finds something terrible. Just after she presents her findings to a a top secret group….all hell starts breaking loose!

    The ship has now parked itself in low Earth orbit in between our planet and the sun. It has deployed gigantic metallic arms in the shape of a circle above our world, completely blocking out the sun, casting darkness over us all. The Earth has gone dark. The plants are dying off. The livestock grows thin. Everyone and everything around you is starving. But you don’t fear hunger. There is something more fearsome than the slow death of starvation that has been brought by this mysterious total eclipse of the Sun. Something ferocious. Something evil. You have heard the screams at night. The unearthly shrieking and howling. The tearing of flesh. The gnashing of bones. The weeping. All you see are endless pools of blood and carnage everywhere you go. But you move forward, ever forward, relying on the faintest rumors of hope that has been passed from ear to ear by the few remaining survivors on Earth. All hope lies with a small moon base with a crack team of scientists and small security force that has been spared for some unknown reason. . Can they destroy this mysterious object blocking out the sun? Will they be able to exterminate the vicious horde of creatures that ravage the living? Do they even know how desperate the situation is here on Earth? Find all that out and more in Earth Dark, the latest in Sci-Fi suspense and horror from acclaimed author R.G. Beckwith. Prepare yourself for this suspenseful speculative journey through the dark Earth and pick your copy up today!