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  • Cuts of My Life (The Chronicles of Enhanced Males Book 2) by Doc KIng

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    Mark thought he had everything. Good job. Money. Beautiful women. Successful life. He thought nothing could change that. He thought he was free. But he was wrong. No one could escape the past. And the Mark’s past wears the suit of his archenemy. The bully from his hometown who just arrived in New York and got a job in Mark’s company. Mark is afraid that his career and life are at the stake. Stressed and anxious, he is walking on the edge, trying to find a relief in temporary, passionate, but often risky relationships that leaves permanent scars on him. He wants to think that old feuds are matter of past. But does his archenemy thinks the same?

  • Living Enlarged (The Chronicles of Enhanced Males Book 1) by Doc KIng

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    I’m going to tell you a story about Mark. A young man who came to New York, haunted by his own past. Intelligent and handsome, but shy and full of insecurities, all thanks to his penis size. One day, a destiny and an old, forgotten advert brought Mark to my door. From that day everything changed. He left my office as a successful man who has everything. Good job, confidence and lots of sex with beautiful women. I helped Mark to gain what he was lacking. I was Mark’s biggest secret. Until now. I’m Doc King, a psychiatrist with years of experience and over 2500 patients who’s been turning to me, having the same problem as Mark. While most therapists resort to the traditional approach, I decided to go one step further, exploring not so conventional methods. I introduced my patients to ancient penis enlargement techniques that helped them gain what they were lacking. Mark is just one of the patients who gave me the permission to tell his story about how much this approach improved his life and confidence.