Paranormal Romance

  • Goddess of Eire by Janeen O’Kerry

    0 out of 5

    Celtic Journeys Series: The bold High King intends to make the goddess Eriu his queen, but no mortal man can love a goddess and survive.

  • Moragh’s Ghost by Maggie Tideswell

    0 out of 5

    Desperation leads to wishful thinking, ending with a massive clashing of wills.

  • Briarwitch Academy 1: A Whisper Before Dawn by KC Kingmaker

    0 out of 5

    Dawn Rose doesn’t go looking for trouble, it finds her: murderous teachers, sexy supernaturals, devious plots. After witnessing a brutal murder-by-magic, she’s whisked away to Briarwitch Academy. In this slow-burn why choose paranormal romance, Dawn has to navigate bullies, classes, and magical weirdos (plus the hot shifters), and root out evil from hurting her friends and home.

  • Sister of the Moon by Janeen O’Kerry

    0 out of 5

    Celtic Journeys Series: An ancient fairy queen must find a king, but is torn between a warrior of the Sidhe and a bold youth from the world of men.

  • Seven Castles in Ireland by Janeen O’Kerry

    0 out of 5

    Celtic Journeys Series: A modern woman inherits an Irish land haunted by ghostly ancestors, an ancient mystery, and a handsome Scottish caretaker.

  • Queen of the Sun by Janeen O’Kerry

    0 out of 5

    Teresa MacEgan, a bold and restless American woman, is vacationing in Ireland. When she insists on riding out alone on Midsummer Eve, the old stablemaster gives her his finest horse: the “true mare.”

    Riding into an ancient ring fort, Terri is swept back through the ages to a powerful Irish king. Terri loves this wild, beautiful place and soon King Conaire wishes to make her his queen.

    But Terri fears that as queen, she will lose her freedom. Then she learns that the king has rivals determined to take all he has, including the woman he loves. Terri will have to choose between her old ways and a new life with Conaire– if they can save his kingdom before it is too late.

    NOTE: Battlefield violence. Some brief scenes of sexual content. This book was first published by Dorchester in 1998. It has been given a re-edit by the author, along with a new cover, but is the same story as the original novel.

    Each book in this series tells a complete story, so they may be read and enjoyed in any order.

  • Dragon Assassin Academy-Year One by T.M. Caruana

    0 out of 5

    A human spy is sent to kill the Dragon King.
    A scorching attraction becomes a deadly forbidden love.

    I lost my father in the last attack against the dragon shifters.
    The Academy Council decides that my pain and hatred against their kind make me the perfect undercover agent, so I’m sent to live amongst murderers.
    My handlers believe that wars will end if I can kill the Dragon King. That’s fine because I want revenge, and if I can bring peace to my world, I’m willing to sacrifice myself.
    I believe my hate will be enough to keep me focused on my mission. Then, I meet my teacher, Billy–brooding, sexy, and alluring.
    I think he suspects me, or maybe he’s just as attracted to me as I am to him.
    I’m playing with fire. If he discovers my secret identity, I’m dead.
    So why can’t I stay away from him?

  • Captured by an Alpha by Tammy O’Reilly

    0 out of 5

    Ripped away from her life.

    When Kelly Triplehorn is snatched away by a mysterious, rugged looking man, she prepares herself for the worst. But she never expects to learn he isn’t human. What’s worse? He despises her. He never plans to let her go, but she refuses to go down without a fight.

    Broken at the hands of a human temptress.

    When Sebastian Payne finally scents his mate – in the form of a human, no less – he snatches her, taking her for himself. Ruined by a human in his past, he despises what she is. He can never trust her, but he can’t seem to get her out of his mind.

    Enemies forced together by fate, determined to break free from it.

    As threats from his past come forward to endanger his mate, Sebastian realizes he will stop at nothing to keep Kelly safe, even if it means enduring her hatred forever…

  • Maiden of the Winds by Janeen O’Kerry

    0 out of 5

    The beautiful and accomplished Keavy has turned down all offers of marriage. She cannot forget the golden eagle who came to her in the forest one spring day and made her a gift of three feathers… an eagle who gazed at her with the eyes of a man.

    Under threat of being disowned, Keavy finally accepts a young druid. They secretly agree to a marriage of convenience and she goes to his distant home.

    But after the wedding, Keavy learns that here a bride goes not to her husband but to the bed of the king… a king who gazes at her with the eyes of an eagle.

    NOTE: No graphic violence. Some brief scenes of sexual content. This book was first published by Dorchester in 2003. It has been given a re-edit by the author, along with a new cover, but is the same story as the original novel.

  • Maximus (Lords of Otherworld #1) by Stella Rainbow

    0 out of 5

    A workaholic soul collector. A human with hidden powers. An evil causing chaos everyday.


    The first time I went looking for Kym, it was because he was a relative of a murder victim I was investigating. Every time after that? It was because I realized he was my mate.

    For the first time in my long existence, I’d found something more important than my work. But with children getting kidnapped and an evil unlike I’d ever seen growing stronger, my realm and my king needed me more than ever.

    Could I really make a choice between my family and my mate?


    I knew my uncle’s death had been a murder, but no one believed me except my best friend. That is, until I met Maximus.

    He didn’t scare me, not even when he told me he was my fated mate, or that he was from a different realm. He was intimidating, but also really sweet. I wanted him, but choosing him meant letting go of everything I held dear.

    Could I really make a choice between the only home I’d ever known, and the man who promised me the world?

    Maximus, the first book in the Lords of Otherworld series, features a workaholic soul collector, a wary tattoo artist who is intimated by him and yet can’t seem to stay away, and a romance that spans across realms.

    Each book in the Lords of Otherworld series features a different couple with an overarching plotline. Each book ends in an HEA for the couple, but it is recommended to read the books in order for the most enjoyment.

    Maximus is intimidating but secretly sweet, Kym is intrigued but wary, things need to happen, Fate has plans, raiding the bad guys is FUN, fated mates, Kym doesn’t need more complications, talk about age gap, Max just wants to protect his man, Kym is really pretty, gruff x grumpy??, Max talks with his weapons, sensitive ears are awesome, two workaholics fall in love and save the world. Not really, but they helped!