Pamela Lawley Smith

  • Photographs and Souvenirs by Pamela Lawley Smith

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    Alice’s life is turned upside down after a strange phone call from someone in her past starts her on the road from the present to relive her life and journey of love. The saga of one woman in her early 60’s who came to age during the Vietnam War. Her love of a soldier from a different world and the couple who would travel that journey with them. From her unique childhood in Japan and Vietnam in the 40’s and back home to the United States for college in the 60’s to the present. The paths these four friends would take that leads them all to the war in Vietnam and promises that were made. The courage they find to relive that painful past and confront the truth. Told in flashbacks, Alice travels the journey of heartbreak and war. A story of love and friendship that is timeless.