Oliver Queen

  • Repairing a Shattered Soul: A Novel by Oliver Queen

    0 out of 5

    Charlotte, Jade, and Vanessa are very different people but share one thing in common. They were all the victims of a madman. Ever since that night they have never been able to get too close to a man. What will happen when prince charming swoops in to save jade, Vanessa’s best friend confesses his love, and Charlotte’s high school boyfriend is the man in charge of her department?


    It was cold and frightening. It didn’t even feel as if it were real at the time, like I was nothing. That night felt like nothing but a nightmare and I kept hoping that I would wake up in my bed and forget about it…but that never happened. Sometimes it still feels like I’m still dreaming but I know it was real. That pain was real. It was dark and I couldn’t see his face but he still haunts my dreams. Whenever I close my eyes I see him standing there. I can’t walk the streets without passing through the crowd of people and thinking is that him? Is that the man who raped me?

  • That Knife Won’t Help Me Now: A Novel by Oliver Queen

    0 out of 5

    I want to touch him but if do, I’ll die.” I guess that’s all part of the fun”. Tegan Michaels was happy with her simple life. However, everything changes after a boy falls through the ceiling of her school’s bathroom; a boy who is much more than he seems.

    Not a vampire or werewolf story, but the story of two people trying to come to terms with life, death and everything inbetween.