• The Ohio Accident Book by Charles E. Boyk

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    The Ohio Accident Book helps to teach secrets that insurance companies don’t want you to know about your accident. Their main goal is to settle claims as cheaply as possible even if it doesn’t have your best interest in mind or if you’re not getting compensated fairly enough for your damages and losses. This book includes facts that you need to know to help answer your questions regarding medical bills, timelines of cases, how an attorney can help you, if you should contact the other drivers’ insurance company, and more. The Ohio Accident Book will also help you determine how to choose the correct personal injury lawyer for your claim and explain the beginning steps of a personal injury case. Order your free book today!

  • The Path To Myself by Blanca LE

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    In this Ebook, you will hear some interesting stories.
    The story of a family running wild during the war between the US and Vietnamese communists during the war that took place in 1975 in Vietnam. The love story between two people in two sides of the ocean that ended in tragedy. The story of a desperate girl who almost came to death, but she found herself and lived a happy and meaningful life. The story of how a secret Buddhist scripture made a cold-blooded murderer let go of his gun and turn to enlightenment to practice. The story of traveling to Egypt.
    The messages about the Buddha’s teachings will help you to find peace, and will help you to find yourself. You will hear about the experience of going from darkness to light and learn the lessons of my failure. Through my lessons, I hope you find strength.

  • Play With Me: Sex Toys from A to Z by Laura Roberts

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    Scared to set foot inside a dirty sex shop? Don’t want anything incriminating popping up in your browser history?

    No worries! Now you can learn all about sex toys — from the mild to the wild — with this educational ebook for adults. It’ll change your mind about sex toys once and for all!

    Learn all about fun toys, from anal beads to the Stronic Zwei, with all the info you’ve ever wanted to know — but were afraid to ask about. Grab this book to spice up your love life today.