• The Vicious Truth about Thai Hookers by The Blether

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    Thailand – Man Heaven? or Man Hell? It’s really as the Thais say “Up To You.” You’ll see plenty of books on kindle talking about the visible sex trade in Thailand. When you mention Thailand to many people that’s the first thing that springs to mind.

    The book is not the assassination job that the headline may suggest – it was based upon interviews with people that work in the trade. It was interesting to hear their point of view and the practical issues that they face every day. Yes, they have problems with clients – but just as often they have problems with other people in the background of the trade, and other bar workers.

    There’s times when things can get wild and out of control – times when people in the trade pay a high price for being involved –

  • Fuck on the First Date: How to Plan Winning Dates That Lead to Sex Every Time by Benny Bastard

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    Stop wasting your precious time and hard-earned money on dates that go nowhere!

    Are you ready to start having sex with more girls than ever before, faster than ever before?

    After reading Fuck on the First Date you will be an expert in transforming pointless platonic chats into fast-paced sexual adventures.

    In this book, you will learn:

    How to fast track the entire process of courtship into a single date

    Where to take a girl on a date so that you have maximum physical contact

    How to make your date flow seamlessly, so that you “magically” end up in bed

    One simple trick that can bring awkward dates back from the dead

    How to work around a girl`s “last minute resistance” by finding her trigger points

    …and much more.

    Whether you`ve had a frustrating history of failed dates or you`re just a guy who wants to get laid even more than he already does, Fuck on the First Date will help you consistently get laid quickly and easily.

  • 200 Dirty Talk Examples: How to Dirty Talk your way to the Most Graphic, Mind-Blowing Sex of your Life by Philip King

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    In 200 Dirty Talk Examples, written by a professional dating coach, you’ll get:

    200 hot, tested, and expert dirty talk phrases to use in every phase of the sexual encounter – from teasing to foreplay to orgasm to post-coital

    The compelling reasons to dirty talk and the stunning ways it can improve your overall quality of life

    An easy 5-step process to explore and break down mental barriers of judgment and self-consciousness

    How to combine eye contact with dirty talk for the most intense orgasms ever

    How background music enhances dirty talk

    Powerful mindsets for dirty talk in any situation

    …and much more!

    Wouldn’t it be nice to take your sex life to the next level? Have the most intense orgasms of your life? Reach the full potential of any sexual encounter?

    Mastering the art of dirty talk will skyrocket your sex life into the stratosphere…but it will also help you communicate better. You will foster a sense of openness and closeness that you never thought you could reach with someone else. It sounds crazy, but dirty talk could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your relationship!

  • How To Meet And Marry The Man Of Your Dreams Guaranteed by Kalita Kay

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    This book is for anyone seeking to improve their romantic relationships or any relationship that is important to them. Kalita Kay unravels the ultimate success factor in any relationship, which is understanding human worth. The false belief that we are not worthy is the root of failure in not only our relationships but also in our life. If we correct this false belief, we re-build our foundation, thereby changing our outlook on life. The world that we experience through our senses is a direct reflection of what is happening internally. If we are experiencing lack or anything negative, it is a sign that something is out of balance internally. In order to improve our life, we have to improve ourselves. Our life changes only to the degree that we change. When we contemplate, meditate and accept this truth, we empower ourselves to take action. When we accept the truth that human worth is intrinsic and immeasurable we remember that we already have everything we are seeking including the intimate love that we seek from a romantic partner. Love is inherent in being human. We do not experience the emotion called love because we have fallen in love; we experience love because we allow others to help us access the emotion called love. The love that we are so deeply seeking is already there, it just has to be accessed. Knowing this, we choose partners and friends because they help us elevate and feel good, and we do the same for them. We refrain from staying in toxic relationships which stem from the false belief that we “need” them. Love needs nothing, and because we already have love, because we are created out of love, we learn to love and to receive love unconditionally. And now we can love unconditionally knowing that to give, increases the overall joy for all of us.

  • Attract Seduce Date by Ratisse

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    Hi, I’m Ratisse . . .

    I’m an internationally known dating coach who’s been voted for the “fastest sexual escalation game” in the dating and pickup communities. I have helped thousands of guys just like you attract, seduce and date the kind of women they want and have taught them the surprisingly simple ways to do it. . .

    Now I’m here to share my simple, step-by-step system with any guy who is serious about instantly seducing women with no tricks.

    Here’s a glimpse of what you will learn in this astonishing book.

    First, I will lay a solid foundation and show you the must have skills that will sky rocket your success.

    Then, I will share the best times and locations to meet the type of women you desire and how to approach them during the day and at night.

    If you want instant make outs, I will share the key components that will get you locking your lips with the next hottie in no time. I will show you how to deal with all girl groups, girl-guy groups and how to leave quickly with the girl you choose in different situations.

    From how to attract, seduce and date the classy woman to the girl next door to the hot bartender to the erotic stripper – you will find it all in here with example interactions – all the way from getting her number and into the bedroom. Make her a girlfriend or a friend with benefits: it’s your choice.

    Whether you are a one-woman kind of guy or want to build a harem, I will share techniques that you can use to set up dates where the girl is eager to see you or have a same night lay (yes threesomes are included). You will learn what to say to any girl to make it OK for her to go home with you the same night while keeping it playful and “guilt free”.

    At the end of this, not only will you be the envy of your friends and every guy in the room, you will also build an amazing social circle while you are out meeting women.

    You will learn all this and much, much more.

    A word of caution: if you are easily offended or would rather cling on to the nonsense your friends or the so called “gurus” with their imaginary dating lives have been feeding you…this book probably isn’t for you.

    If you are someone who likes taking action and hooking up with young, beautiful, sensual women, I promise you will love this book and everything it teaches.

    All packed into a skinny book and for less than you’d pay for your morning coffee.

    PLUS once you grab “Attract Seduce Date: It’s your choice” you’ll get access to

    1. My journal “Tales of Debauchery” that includes details about my dating life and how to start interactions and go all the way to closing the deal.

    2. “Foolproof ways to get her numb3r” that provides you with simple techniques to use to get her phone number even if she is on the fence.