Nicole Hofbrauhaus

  • Vampire Cadet by Nicole Hofbrauhaus

    0 out of 5

    Sergeant Major Shannon is a soldier who has single-handedly captured numerous terrorists. There hasn’t been anyone that she wasn’t able to track down – until now.

    Ra’ad Khan is one the most cunning and ruthless villains Shannon has ever faced, and he plans to set off a bomb larger and more destructive than any other before. Shannon is running out of time to catch him before he kills thousands of innocents.

    Shannon is not just one of the most effective undercover agents in the Army – she’s also a five hundred and twenty-seven year old vampire who lives by moving and never letting herself get attached to any one place or person. But this time, in this paranormal action adventure, she needs the help of an assistant. One who is smart, strong, and, above all else able to live up to her high standards.

    Staff Sergeant Bryce is an unlikely choice. In fact, he’s more likely to be found in front of a computer than a gym. Bryce consistently comes in last during physical examinations. He’s almost given up on ever fitting in with the rest of the Army when he’s assigned to assist Shannon, a badass seductress with a huge and terrible secret. She awakens something new in him, and slowly with her help Bryce becomes the partner she not only wants to catch Ra’ad, but the alpha male she needs.

  • First Chair by Nicole Hofbrauhaus

    0 out of 5

    Christina knows exactly what she wants from life in this paranormal romance. When the voluptuous red-haired cellist is up for the first chair position with the Van Bower Orchestra, she’s sure she has it in the bag. Although she’s young at just 21 years old, Christina has her future mapped out in her head, and winning first chair is only the first step.

    She pours her heart and soul into her performance in front of concertmaster Felix, who will make the final decision on awarding first chair, and she’s devastated when she doesn’t win the coveted honor.

    While Christina’s music moves Felix, he believes her playing lacks the passionate intensity possessed by the world’s greatest cellists. In coming in between Christina and her musical ambition, though, Felix reveals his hidden agenda.

    He offers her another chance to audition for first chair…in exchange for one night of wild, uninhibited sex.