monster love

  • Ocean’s Embrace by Regina Sage

    0 out of 5

    Alone in the black abyss of the sea, Relic Hunter Sven seeks a cultural treasure. What he finds is a drowning woman: Leanne. She meant to dive into the dating pool on a cruise, but a freak hurricane threw her into the sea instead—right into the embrace of a supernatural hunk. Bound by a passion that overwhelms their differences, Leanne and Sven fight to deepen their relationship. Hostile shapeshifters, disapproving parents, and the Council of Elders set obstacles to keep them apart. Will they remain together to continue Sven’s Hunt? Or will a plot by domestic terrorists be the downfall of them all? Only the Fates know. Dive into an interstellar world of sea monsters and shapeshifters to explore the secrets of the deep. This edition includes an exciting teaser from the second book in the series, Sand’s Caress.

  • Blue Jellyfish’ Dubious Alibi: Alien invasion romance books by Elena Zhuravleva

    0 out of 5

    It would be better if he stayed at home that day…
    A regular guy went fishing and suddenly met a beautiful but unusual creature who needed love and earthly sex. A monster in the guise of a beautiful woman? Scared, he ran away and tried to forget… But suddenly this beautiful creature became a part of his life when he saw somebody trying to kill it. He hurried to save it, but where is it now?
    It is a love story without a definite happy end. They are too different. Why does he need monster love? How can they be together?