• Mask of a Legend by Stephen Salamon

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    Beauty that is seen, but unseen to the eyes of the beautiful.

    A price for a simple, coveted wish to be beautiful to all that 17-year-old Legend Conaway desired. Yet when her desire was heard by heaven’s listeners, Legend learns that every blessing comes with a price.

    She is blessed with beauty, rises to fame and fortune, yet one thing is missing that Legend left out of her wish; to see the beauty for herself. She still sees her plain face in the mirror, unaware of the beauty she has that millions adore, and contemplates over and over the choice that was given to her by the mysterious woman ‘Angelica’, who granted her wish; she will have this for one year, and after it, Legend must decide whether to keep it or give the wish back.

    If she does, will the world still love her face? Will the man of her dreams who fell in love with her, still love her when her beauty melts away? And finally, what is more important, to want other to love you, or to love yourself?