martial arts mma fighter sexy bad boy

  • Score by Caitlin Daire and Alyssa Alpha

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    I’m a good guy for the press; a monster in the ring.

    Chase Stryker and Score are my two identities, and I like to keep them separate.

    When I’m not a wealthy politician’s son, I’m an underground MMA fighting champion. Undefeated. Irresistible. A f*cking animal.

    Until sweet and innocent Lina Diaz comes along. She could make my life go up in flames… or she could make me a better man.

    He thinks I still want him… I wish he was wrong.

    Chase Stryker is about to be my new stepbrother. He’s also underground fighting champion, Score…and I almost slept with him before I knew who he really was.

    Now my Mom is about to marry his Dad, who’s running for state governor, so all eyes are on us.

    I’m about to get into more trouble, because I’m not done with Chase just yet…