marital problems

  • Size Matters by Paul Garland

    0 out of 5

    The Cuckold Collection 1: Size Matters
    Amy and her husband Adam have a problem. A small problem, you might say; Adam’s smaller than average penis. Amy hasn’t ever been with anyone but Adam so she’s naive when it comes to the variance in men’s penis sizes, but when a twist of fate opens her eyes to bigger and better men, she and Adam have to come to terms with the fact that he can no longer satisfy her in the way she desires, and so a series of events begin to happen which will take them both on an erotic journey. Amy wants to reach new sexual heights and pleasures beyond anything she’s experienced before, but Adam’s route along this same adventure involves him having to accept his wife having sex with other men and he has to learn to deal with the humiliation and angst that comes with that.

    The Cuckold Collection is a new series of six books from author Paul Garland, that ventures into the sensuality and excitement of the cuckolding and hotwife lifestyles.

  • Rubies and Other Gems by Joyce DeBacco

    0 out of 5

    Escaping the reality of a clueless husband and willful kids, Lily indulges in a romantic fantasy that proves all too real when Grandma’s rubies send her back in time. Thinking she’s merely dreaming, she engages in a one-night stand with a gorgeous blacksmith. Not until she returns to the present and sees the whisker burn on her neck does she realize what has happened. Aware she can’t mend her marriage or steer her children in the right direction unless she stays in the here and now, she vows to leave the past to the past. But in her attempt to take away the jewelry’s power, she accidentally sends herself back without her return ticket, the rubies. Will her dysfunctional family fall apart without her? Or will they pull together for the common good? It could go either way.