Louisa Vincenza

  • Magic & Mayhem by Louisa Vincenza

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    Lucy hadn’t meant to piss off the werewolf.
    When she’d come across him fighting a group of demons, it had looked to her like he’d needed help. He’d been outnumbered and his enemies had looked ready to finish him off, so she’d stepped in, thinking she was saving his life.
    Apparently, he hadn’t needed – or wanted – help.
    She hadn’t saved his life, she’d pissed him off.
    Her bad.
    She wasn’t going to apologize, though.
    Not after the guy acted like a jerk about the whole thing.
    Jerks didn’t get apologies – even if they looked like a brown haired Chris Hemsworth.


    Deklan didn’t care if the witch had thought she was helping.
    She’d messed up everything.
    For months, he’d been looking for the demon that had killed his best friend. He’d finally found some of Malek’s minions, had been about to pull Malek’s location out of one of them when the witch had dropped into his fight, uninvited, and taken everyone out like some Rambo.
    If that hadn’t been enough to piss him off, the fact that she’d given him attitude instead of an apology would have done it.

    He didn’t care how sexy she was, if he ever crossed paths with the witch again, he was going to give her the tongue lashing she deserved.