Liz Azucena

  • Untamed Alpha Series: A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifting Romance by Liz Azucena

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    Untamed Alpha Complete Series

    Complete boxset. These books have been published individually, so if you have purchased perviously no need to purchase this one.

    Hardly Bearable

    Emma Pierson wasn’t your average working girl, a professional escort catering to the wealthy and elite in upscale Berevely Way.

    Cold hearted with a lustful appetite seemingly unquenchable, Emma constantly moved from man to man in search of satisfaction she could never find.

    When she meets Marcus her boastful lust awakens once more…but will he be enough to satisfy her needs, or yet another notch in her book?

    Alpha Wolf Awakened

    For Emma, there is nothing more wonderful than the feeling of true love, with a mate that could fill that empty void in her life as well as satisfied her drive for sexual satisfaction.

    But what happens when that true love becomes toxic, even dangerous to her life? Does she chose to stick to her guns and go on blind faith that love will concur all, or escape the beast before it kills her?

    Charged By The Bear

    After escaping the clutches of a toxic relationship with Marcus, Emma Pierson steps off a plane home to United States where a new life awaits. But despite her triumphs, she faces new challenges adjusting to the life without the man she thought to be her partner, and living with the newly awaken beast within.

    After several pitfalls raise doubts that she will ever find the happiness she is looking for, Emma has an unlikely encounter with the man that could provide the hope, happiness and passion she needs to reach her life’s dreams. Will the happiness last?

    The Bear Is Mine

    Life on the farmstead for Emma has finally become the peaceful world she had longed for since childhood. Alongside caring friends and with the encouragement of her sexy, country boy Dan, Emma has begun to crawl out from the deep pit of despair her failed relationship with Marcus had dug in her heart.

    But just as she began to settle into this life, her dream world is shattered by a sudden rash of violent attacks on the homestead, and her own life. With a short list of suspects, Emma finds herself torn between the love of her life, Green eyed Dan and her old flame Marcus, struggling to solve the mystery behind the attacks. Will she discover the guilty party before it’s too late?

  • Paranormal Temptation Series: A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifting Romance by Liz Azucena

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    Paranormal Temptation Complete Series

    Complete box set. These books have been published individually, so if you have purchased previously no need to purchase this one.

    My Purr-fect Beast

    Angel lives in a world of supernatural beings and other immortals that she would rather be rid of. She spends every waking moment chasing them, capturing them on her Nikon camera, hoping to expose them and banish them from her city altogether. But that is a feat she is finding most difficult to achieve.

    Under the guidance and pressure of Kaelyn, her best friend, she takes a break from her usual night life to unwind. Little did she suspect the stranger she was bound to meet that would not only distract her from her former life, but give her a whole new one that was sure to blow her mind. Love comes wrapped in unusual packages as Angel was destined to find out.

    Claimed By Her Lion

    Brad desperately tries to hide his true self from Angel. This isn’t made easier by the pressure being applied to him by his own kind. Angel suspects he is hiding something, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine he would be the man she was hunting.

    One late night brought with it the revelation she feared the most, discovering the man she loves was everything she hated. Now she must reconcile this with herself. Angel’s trusted into his world unwittingly, and discovers something entirely new about the animals she had despised for so long.

    Owned By The Alpha

    Angel is kidnapped by men who want to see the destruction of the lion shifters, thinking she would be of assistance, only to discover she has a like mind. However, what surprised Angel was her ultimate reaction to their efforts.

    Now, in a sudden twist, she finds herself lost amidst everything that is happening around her, and she does what is least expected of her. But will it be enough to right her past wrongs, or win back the love she could no longer deny?

  • Rescued By The Alpha: A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance by Liz Azucena

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    A Hot Steamy Shapeshifting Romance

    As passions flair and death loomed over their heads, Syene has a choice, embrace the animal in her for one last battle to survive, or give in to the demon that ravished her body and sought to take her life- Zachery.

    As the wolves close in on the Devereauxs in an attempt to rescue their alpha she makes a decision that will change the course of things forever. But in the game of life and death, it was only the strongest that survive and her determination to live was unmatched.

    Who would turn out to be the victors – the remaining Devereaux brothers or the new alpha and his omega?

    Syene had stakes in life and whatever may come she was not going down without a fight.

  • Taken By The Tiger: A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance by Liz Azucena

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    A Hot Steamy Shapeshifting Romance

    Things were not always as they seemed was a thing Syene was beginning to learn after spending two weeks with the wolves. The white haired and gorgeous Aidan turned out to be so much more than a blood thirsty old wolf with a poisonous bite.

    As Aidan taught her about her new powers she continued to work with the Devereaux broths, but her tryst with Zachery would complicate things.

    When the brothers turn up at the wolf compound, killing the young wolves they got their hands on, Aidan’s wrath was not enough to stop them taking Syene. It was a sick twisted plot that brought to the fore Zachery’s deadly secret that could cost Syene her life.

  • Bride Of The Alpha: A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance by Liz Azucena

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    A Hot Steamy Shapeshifting Romance

    Syene Fared had had it rough all her life. Abandoned as a baby she barely survived the foster care system, and when she had done that she was only to find out she was a tiger.

    Shape shifting her first time had been uncontrolled and left a pile of bodies in her home town, so she made a run for it. She followed the trails of other tiger shifters to Seattle, the city ran by the centuries old Devereaux brothers and the oldest alpha Justin who had a penchant for evil.

    But it was the mysterious middle brother Zachery who held her intrigue. As their passion ignited a strange evil came into town- Aidan and the ancient Wolves of Dracone. Injured in the face off, Syene was made to realize that was the omega and Aidan claimed her as his bride.

    What would become of her and her lust for Zachery Devereaux?